Recent reports (selected)


Embarking on a path of renewal in the Middle East and North Africa (with Ibrahim el-Badawi, FDL and ERF)


Ishac Diwan. Building up Egypt’s Market Institutions. (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, forthcoming, 2020). [EBRD report full draft]

Ishac Diwan. A Strategic Framework for an Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19 in Yemen. (UNDP, October 2020) [PDF]

Ishac Diwan, Nadim Houry and Yezid Sayigh. Egypt after the Coronavirus: Back to Square One. (Arab Reform Initiative, August 2020) [PDF]

Ishac Diwan and Maha Yehya “Crise économique au Liban : l’avenir d’un pays dans la balance.” Moyen-Orient, 46 (April-June 2020) [PDF french] [PDF english]


Ishac Diwan. Tunisia’s Upcoming Challenge: Fixing the Economy Before It’s Too Late (Arab Reform Initiative, September 2019) [PDF]


Ishac Diwan and Djavad Salehi-Isfahani. Inequality, Autonomy, and Change in the Arab Region. (Economic and Social Commission for West Asia, 2018).


“Political Transition and economic development,” in Economic Management Under Fire (FEMISE and ERF, 2017).


“The Changing Values of Arab Youth,” in The Arab Human Development Report (New York, the United Nations Development Programme, 2016).


Mansour, Samia, Kaouther Abderrahim, Gilles Nancy, Marion Dovis, and Ishac Diwan. Morocco’s Growth Diagnostics: Identifying Morocco’s Binding Constraints to Broad-Based Growth. Edited by Vincent Caste (Morocco: African Development Fund, The Kingdom of Morocco, Millenium Challenge Corporation, 2015).


Stijn Claessens, Ishac Diwan, Kenneth Froot, and Paul Krugman. Market-Based Debt Reduction for Developing Countries: Principles and Prospects (Policy & Research Series). (Washington, DC: World Bank, 1990).